Ignoring water leaks, leaking water pipes, dripping or leaking taps is never a good idea. A dripping tap will never go away…..in fact, it will only ever get worse.

Why? Because a dripping tap is a tap that is breaking and falling apart internally. That drip will turn into a running tap that you cannot turn off, no matter how hard you tighten it.

The good news is that a dripping tap is the most common complaint and usually the easiest to fix. When water enters your home through the pipes, it is under pressure.

The seal on the tap must be tight when it is in the ‘off’ position as this is what prevents the water from continuing to flow. If it is not tight, this can cause a slow drip.

The easiest way to solve this problem is with a new washer. A washer is a little round piece made of rubber. If this starts to degrade or crack, it will let water pass.

If you’re not comfortable with doing the job yourself call the leaking tap experts here at our team on 0422686129